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Brownies Mixed Trays (.05mm, .07mm)
  • Brownies Mixed Trays (.05mm, .07mm)

    Same amazing lashes, but NEW PACKAGING! These boxes are made of paper, instead of plastic-- making them more eco-friendly. Our high-quality lashes are 100% cruelty-free and made with love. They are extremely soft to the touch, semi-matte, lightweight, and very easy to work with. The strips are semi-sticky, so they are perfect for all the fanning techniques, such as: pinching, fanning off the strip, the lonely fan method, etc. They also have a foil backing which allows for easy removal off of your lash tile/hand pallet. These lashes are a GAME CHANGER! 



    • before fanning, fluff the lashes out with a clean spoolie
    • also before fanning, use a microswab with primer on the base of the lashes accross each strip to achieve the best glue bond 
    • remove strips from the bottom of the tray first
    • make sure it isn't too warm or humid in the room, this can cause the strips to be too sticky


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