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We are 2 sisters in Tucson, Arizona that have combined our forces to create a beautiful baby named GWAPAESTHETICS 

----- a beauty and wellness studio!


We are both licensed professionals in the beauty industry and together we have four lash certifications, two ombré powder brow certifications and a combined 16 years of lashing experience.

If you're wondering why we chose the name Gwapaesthetics, GWAPA is the word for beauty in Tagalog (a language of the Philippines.) We are both half Filipina and we wanted to incorporate aspects of the tropical ambiance that exists in the islands of the Philippines. The literal definition of esthetics is "the philosophy of beauty in nature and art", which is everything we stand for. With the design of our studio we hope to achieve a vibe of tropical GLAM!


Our MISSION with Gwapaesthetics is to create a place for people to come to feel loved, cared for, and pampered. We want to spread positivity and knowledge for clients and for our future students. We want to move in a direction that is more eco-friendly and minimalistic. We want to enhance your natural beauty and contribute to your wellbeing. We hope to continue to improve as a business and provide the best quality services possible for you all.


Thank you so much if you are reading this. We love you! And we appreciate your support SO MUCH.


Xoxo, Kat & Kay

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