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Gwapaesthetics Lashing Ebook

Our Lashing Ebook will take you from knowing absolutely nothing about the lashing industry, to everything you will ever need to know! It can be overwhelming where to start but our Ebook is a step by step guide that covers every important topic in detail. With over 16+ years of lashing experience combined, we have poured all of our knowledge into this to help you learn the ins and outs of not just providing quality lashing, but also how to run your own professional lash business. 


  • Evolution of lashes

  • Anatomy of the eye & eyelash education

  • Sanitation & infection control

  • Allergies vs. irritations vs. infections

  • Consultations, consent forms, & contraindications

  • Prepping- cleansing, priming, taping

  • Eye shapes/styling, Lash Maps, Correcting

  • Isolation & placement

  • Glue science, use, & storage

  • Removing eyelash extensions/fills

  • Fan making techniques

  • PREMADE vs Promade vs handmade volume

  • Classic vs. hybrid vs. volume vs. megavolume

  • Aftercare, educating your clients

  • Building clientele/marketing/Instagram

  • Business, branding, bookkeeping

  • Policies & pricing

  • Ergonomics, lash stretches

  • Customer service & etiquette


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