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Beginners Lash Course (fundamentals + classics)

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Self-paced online course with training kit included (kit will be mailed to the student for at-home practice) What will be included in your kit: • 3 lash trays • 4 tweezers • 2 lash glues • glue rings • practice sponges • foam tape • micropore tape • scissors • spoolies • fan • hygrometer • nanomister • lash tile/hand pallet • heart mirror • cream remover • gwapa pen If you are new to the lash world, then this course is for you! In this beginners lash course, you will be learning how to apply eyelash extensions in a healthy, sanitary, and skillful way. With these new tools and knowledge, you will be able to perform a classic full set on a model and get jump started on your new career! The topics we will be covering throughout this course are: 1. lashing legally 2. anatomy of the eye 3. growth cycle 4. allergy vs. irritation vs. infection 5. different types of lash hairs 6. different types of extensions 7. tweezer testing 8. pick-up & isolation 9. glue knowledge 10. proper placement 11. basic styling 12. taping tricks 13. aftercare 14. fills & removals 15. set up & consultation 16. lash stretches & ergonomics 17. Practice, practice, practice 18. Check out our various mini courses to take after completing this course- “advanced wispy styling”, “BYOB (be your own boss)”, “level up your lash photos”, and more to come!

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